Fort Erie Transit Fares

FET Fares

FET offers the convenience of paying with cash, debit or credit. CNIB cards are accepted as Fare PAID on FET.

Cash/Debit/Credit is accepted to purchase a single ride or a day pass (day passes can be printed for you by the driver). Passes can be purchased onboard the bus by your driver.

Children under 12 years & post-secondary students with a valid Brock University U-PASS are free.  Niagara College students will need to purchase a fare product to ride transit.

As of October 4th, 2021 Children 12 and under will ride for free.

Tap or scan your Smart CardSMART CARDS

To use our Smart Card, the rider must have a card to load the requested fare amount.  Smart Cards are prepaid cards loaded at the bus or the online link with the amount purchased by the rider. There has to be a balance on the card (a minimum of one trip) for a rider to use the transit service when using a Smart Card.

When purchasing a Smart Card, riders can load cards on the vehicles with the drivers or go online (coming soon) and load smart cards on our new webportal.

Replacement Smart Cards cost $2.00 each (prior to them being loaded for trips).

FET Fares

FaresCurrent PricingNew Pricing - Coming Soon (Stay tuned for an official start date for the new pricing)
Note 1: A Barcode printed transfer can be issued by your driver, your transfer is valid for 75-minutes from issuance.  Transfers are issued on the North route making connections onto the East & West Routes.  Transfers are also issued on the East / West routes to make connections onto the North route. Request a printed transfer from your driver.
Note 2: E-Purse Smart Card validation rules:  First and second trip of calendar day at standard $3.00 fare.  Third trip or more in the same calendar day are FREE (the same as purchasing a Day Pass)
Single Ride (within Fort Erie)$3.00 $3.00
All Day Pass (Unlimited Rides)$6.00$6.00
30-Day Pass - Smart Card$90.00Adults = $85.00
Senior = $65.00
Student = $65.00 (13 yrs - 18 yrs or valid student ID required)
10-Ride Passn/aAdult = $27.00
Senior = $22.50
Student = $22.50
E-Purse - Smart Card$5.00/$10.00 or $20.00
(note 1, note 2)
Adult = load 1-8 single trips for $3.00 each.
Senior/Student = 1-7 single trips for $3.00 each.