Frequently Asked Questions

What is On-Demand Transit?

On-Demand Transit is a service that responds to ride requests rather than following a fixed route. You can request a ride between any two transit stops in the service area, and a vehicle will be routed to you.

 Why is Fort Erie switching to On-Demand Transit from conventional Transit?

The switch to On-Demand was made to better serve the needs of residents in Fort Erie. Moving from a fixed-route service to an on-demand service will provide residents on Fort Erie with a more convenient way of using public transit.

Will the On-Demand Transit system pick me up at my home address and take me anywhere in Fort Erie I want to go and drop me off at the door?

No, this system was designed to be a shared-ride public transit system and not a personal taxi or “Uber”. You will be picked up and dropped off at the closest bus stop or point of interest.
Riders with accessibility needs may contact the office and make alternate arrangements for pick up and drop off where their pick up and drop off locations are not accessible in the Town.
Riders in rural areas will need to add an address for pick up or drop off as these areas may not have safe walking paths to get to a stop.

 Is On-Demand Transit accessible?

Yes, Fort Erie Transit has two accessible vans equipped with two forward-facing wheelchair positions with Q-Straint tie-downs to secure mobility aids and provide seatbelts for the passenger.

Drivers are trained to assist passengers, secure & store mobility aids and assist you in boarding/de-boarding the vehicle.

 What are the service times?

Transit service operates Monday to Saturday from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. including the live customer service line.

 How can I book my ride?

Riders can book their ride through the website, app, over the phone, or by boarding an On-Demand Transit vehicle and requesting a walk-on ride at certain locations.

 What is the code for the new Transit App?

When you download the On-Demand transit app, you will be asked to enter a code. The code for the transit app is ” fetransit “. 

 How can trips be cancelled through the app?

Navigate to the trips screen and swipe right on an Active trip, then tap “Cancel”.

 I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

On iPhone:
Press the icon at the bottom right of the login screen; press forgot Password; then
Check your e-mail for a reset link.

On Android:
Press the icon at the bottom right of the login screen;
Press forgot password; then
Check your e-mail for a reset link.

On the Web Portal:
From the landing screen, press Login;
Press the icon at the bottom right of the login screen; press the forgot password icon;
Enter your e-mail; then
Check your e-mail for a link to reset your password.

 How much does a ride cost?

The cost per ride is $3.00.

Please visit for more fare options coming soon.

How can I pay to ride the On-Demand Transit?

Payment can be made at the time of boarding by Cash, Debit, Credit, or Smart Card.

Will my old Smart Card still work?

Existing Smart Cards will still be valid on the On-Demand System. Any existing balances or monthly passes will still be valid.

The Town has ordered new Smart Cards and starting in December we will be issuing new cards and new pricing products that will lower the cost of transit on monthly passes and 10-ride options. Users that have the current Smart Cards, may turn over their old cards to get a new card for free. There will also be an option to load your Smart Card online, rather than needing to do that with a driver on the vehicle.

How long should I expect to wait for my vehicle when I book my ride?

When you call or go on the app/online to book your ride, you should expect that a vehicle will arrive within 30 mins of the time you confirm your ride details. The current average wait time for a vehicle to arrive is approx. 15 mins.

How long should I expect to be on the vehicle once it picks me up before I get to my destination?

The Town has set a 45 mins maximum ride time on the vehicle. Once the vehicle picks you up at your stop then you should expect that the ride will take no more than 45 mins to get to your destination. Currently, the average ride time is approx. 25 mins.

How soon is ASAP?

When you’re scheduling your trip, you can choose ASAP as an option to request a pickup as soon as possible. ASAP doesn’t mean instantly – when you choose this option, the service will try to pick you up within 15-45 minutes. This gives you time to get to your pickup location, and it gives your vehicle time to get there to collect you. Once your vehicle is on its way to pick you up, you can use our app to keep track of it and see a precise ETA at your pickup location. Check with your local transit agency for more information about how soon an ASAP request is.

What’s the difference between ASAP, Pick Up, and Drop Off?

These three options let you tell your transit agency how to schedule your trip.
When you request an ASAP trip, the system will try and schedule your pickup for as soon as possible – a vehicle will be sent to collect you as soon as it’s feasible to do so. Keep in mind that the busier the transit service is, the longer this might take. This is a great option if you’re not able to plan your travel ahead of time.
Choose the Pick-Up option to specify when you’d like to be picked up. The service will try and pick you up as close as possible to the time you’ve requested and will drop you off shortly afterwards. Keep in mind that there may be other trips onboard your vehicle when you’re picked up, so depending on how busy the service is, your drop off time may vary.
Choose the Drop Off option to specify when you’d like to be dropped off, and the service will aim to get you to your destination at or before the time you requested. The service will schedule a pickup time for you that’s early enough to get you to your destination for the requested time, though the exact pickup time can vary based on how busy the service is. You can see an estimated pickup time for your trip in the On-Demand Transit Rider App. This is a great option if you need to be somewhere (such as an appointment) at a specific time, but we recommend that only riders who have access to the app use it so that you can keep track of your estimated pickup time.

 I want to get to my destination by a certain time. How can I do this?

When using the Rider App or online booking page, you can request a “Drop-off” trip. If you request a drop-off at 10 a.m., the system will ensure that you arrive there before that time.

To do this:
toggle the “ASAP” option off Switch from “Pick-up” to “Drop-off”; and
enter the time by which you want to arrive at your destination.

 If you are calling into your agency, just mention that you would like a drop-off style trip!

When more people start using the system will I have to wait longer for my ride?

No, you will not have to wait longer than 30 mins for a vehicle to pick you up and you will not be in that vehicle for longer than 45 mins. However, when more riders come on board and as the system gains popularity, you may expect our average wait times to increase from the current average.

Can I bring a Stroller and Use a Car Seat on the Vehicle?

Parents and Caregivers that are bringing young children on any of the vehicles that need a car seat are welcome to use that car seat on the vehicles. We ask that the parent or caregiver install/remove the car seat themselves. Drivers are not allowed to help with installation due to liability. We also ask that you request an accessible vehicle when needing to use a car seat as this vehicle has extra time built in to board.

It should also be noted, that car seats are not required to be used on the vehicles, as the service falls under the rules of Public Transit and Taxi service. We do encourage parents or caregivers to do what feels comfortable for them. If you choose to not have your child in a car seat, you are required to book a seat on the vehicle for their child and be sitting in a seat or on a parent’s lap while riding.

Stollers are permitted to be transported on the vehicle. We ask that strollers be foldable and placed in the truck of the vehicle.

Can I bring my grocery or shopping bags on board?

Yes, you can bring your grocery or shopping bags on board.  However, as with regular transit buses, you can only bring a limited number of bags that you can carry on your own and keep with you at your seat.  We ask that you be courteous to the other riders on board and not bring more than 4-5 grocery bags on one trip.

 Can I bring my pet on the bus?

Certified Service Animals are allowed on all transit vehicles (identified by a collar, neckerchief, vest, or harness, with certification from a professional institution).

Non-certified small dogs and animals are also allowed on all transit vehicles provided they are in actual animal carriers. The animal must be carried at all times by the passenger, not bother other passengers, do not take up a seat, and do not cause an obstruction in the aisle.
Acceptable carriers are either rigid plastic or soft-sided vented duffel style, the animal must be completely secured in these carriers.

 Do I need to provide proof of vaccination to ride transit?

No.  Proof of vaccine is not required to ride transit.  This is deemed an essential service, like going to the grocery store and at this time proof of vaccine is not required.

How can I contact someone to get more information or help with the On-Demand System?

Please call 1-833-BUS-LINE (287-5463) during operating hours (6:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday – Saturday) or visit our Contact Us page to email your questions at

You may also call Town Hall at 905-871-1600 during regular business hours to speak to a representative from the Town.

Did you discontinue the FAST Service when the On-Demand Service started?

No, the FAST (accessible transit) is still operating as it always has been. For more information on how to get registered or book your trip with FAST please visit