Great service, friendly drivers. Always on time for work, rarely have to wait more than a few minutes for the ride to arrive, and most often they are early or on time. A welcome change to the old system.

Incredible service. Makes working for the week a joy. Thank You – Mike

Took the wheelchair accessible van and the driver was helpful and friendly also professional and pleasant to talk to 🙂

The dark-haired lady driver who picked me up from the leisureplex at 12:12 was very nice. The other male passenger was very nice also. I find it a little hard to climb into the van as a short person with hip problems, so I wish the vehicles were closer to the ground. All in all, I really appreciate the service. I love coming out to Golden Nugget Bingo and always appreciate the ride as it is a long walk.

Dispatch is great, very helpful getting me to and from as I have a sick mother at home who I don’t like to leave for too long. Drivers are also very helpful and cheerful.

Great service but a little short on vans, could use a few more – thankful rider.

I think the service is an amazing idea, quicker service and later hours (especially on weekends) would be really nice. Maybe have some little stickers to give to the little kids would be nice.

I think that the On Demand Transit is a great system. I prefer it over the previous bus service. I really have no complaints, keep up the good work.

Your service is the best but you may need more vans so people can get picked up sooner just a thought I had. But your service is the best that I ever saw. The office staff is nice and the drivers are very nice. From Robert

This is the best service that ever hit Fort Erie. I love it the vans are clean, the time saving is huge you don’t have to wait for an hour or more and drive around in a bus route plus it has to be energy efficient than the smelly bus. The drivers are so awesome I can’t say enough good about the On Demand service. It’s about time we have this service and I will be a loyal customer. Thanks for this.

I love this service. Use it many times. All the dispatchers and the drivers have a good attitude for the service. I always promote them to people I know. Thank you for being there for me. – Bennoh