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Fort Erie On-Demand Transit service receives expansion approval from Council

Welcome to Fort Erie On-Demand Transit

The Town of Fort Erie has overhauled its Public Transit Services. Under the direction of Council and the Fort Erie Transit Advisory Committee, the Town has replaced its fixed-route service and replaced it with On-Demand Services that started on October 4, 2021.

On-Demand Transit is a shared-ride public transit service without a fixed schedule or route. The vehicles’ travel is optimized by computer software, and it is based upon rider trip requests. On-Demand Transit operates within the entire Town allowing riders to travel from point to point without transfers. Riders may have to walk up to 400 metres to a bus stop or point of interest to meet their vehicle.

The On-demand Transit program will allow people to book a trip by either calling the customer service office (1-833-287-5463), booking online, or through the app. By downloading the “On Demand Transit” app (transit code = fetransit), riders can not only book their ride instantly but also track the status of their on-demand transit vehicle in real-time.

Payment will also be taken in cash, debit, credit, or Smart Cards on the vehicle. Smart Cards can also be loaded through the online portal.

The following video will help explain how On-Demand Transit works.

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As per the Ontario Ministry of Health, Masks are no longer mandatory on Transit vehicles as of 12:00 am on June 11, 2022.

Fort Erie Transit will continue to provide masks onboard for both specialized and on-demand riders who choose to wear one or decide they need one, hand sanitizer will be available and we will continue with sanitizing the vehicles on a regular basis.

Please visit https://covid-19.ontario.ca/public-health-measures for more information.